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Thank you for your interest in the B.C. Muslim School.This information sheet explains our Admission Process.To apply for admission of your child, you should fill an application form and please provide the original of the following documents:

Application Package

Registration form
Birth Certificate (if the child is born in Canada) Or
Immigration paper/Citizen Card/Refugee Status (if the child is born outside Canada)
Legal Residency of Parents (Appendix A or B)
Copy of Legal Canadian Status of Parents
B.C. Care Card
Last School Report Card
Vaccination Record (Immunization)
Please note that we will only accept a complete application package.
Download Registration Form


See Bus Rules and Regulations

Assesment Test

All students will be required to come to the school for an assessment session.
This is necessary so that we can match the student’s learning needs to the support services available at our school.
There is a $100 fee for the registration/assessment, to be received by the office prior to the scheduled date of the assessment session.
The fee is $125 fee after passing the deadline.
Our admissions personnel will contact the parents regarding the applications outcome.
If the student is accepted, parents will be directed to discuss transport and financial arrangements with the appropriate personnel.
Financial Assistance (Zakat Fund)
Parents/Guardians who need financial assistance should complete the Zakat Form and submit it to the office with the necessary documentations.
The outcome of your application depends on the availability of Zakat Funds available and your financial situation.
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